I’m Caoileann Murphy, the postdoctoral researcher running the NUTRIMAL project. The NUTRIMAL project is co-ordinated by Prof. Helen Roche at UCD and Dr Brendan Egan in DCU. Also collaborating on the project are Professor Giuseppe De Vito and Dr Clare Corish from UCD, Dr Sinead McCarthy from Teagasc, Glanbia and Smartfish.


Prof. Helen Roche is a Dietitian head of the the Nutrigenomics Research Group in UCD.  Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction between our genes, what we eat and our health. For example how does what we eat affect which of our genes are ‘switched on’? And how do our genes affect our ability to get health benefits from a certain diet?


Dr Brendan Egan is a Sports Scientist/Nutritionist and is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology in Dublin City University. His research group is particularly interested in muscle and investigates how nutrition and exercise work together to optimise performance in athletes and older adults. Dr Egan also consults as a performance nutritionist to elite team sport athletes.



Professor Giuseppe De Vito is the Head of the School Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science at UCD. Professor De Vito’s research mainly focuses on muscle function in older and younger adults. Professor De Vito is a trained Medical Doctor and takes the muscle samples from the NUTRIMAL project participants who chose to take part in this optional, additional measurement.


Dr Giuseppe De Vito

Dr Clare Corish is a Dietitian and Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics in UCD. Dr Corish recently set up the first ever MSc programme in Nutrition and Dietetics in the Republic of Ireland in UCD. Dr Corish is also very involved in research, in particular in relation to malnutrition in older adults.

Clare Corish

Dr Clare Corish

Dr Sinead McCarthy is a Research Officer at Teagasc. Dr. McCarthy has a background in Public Health Nutrition and her research focuses on consumer behaviour in relation to food and health.

Dr Sinead McCarthy

And of course you know me from the homepage! I trained as a Dietitian in Dublin and did my PhD in Canada investigating how we can use nutrition and exercise to slow the loss of muscle and strength in older adults. I started my job as a postdoctoral researcher in UCD in 2016 working on the NUTRIMAL project and I am really enjoying it so far!



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