Why healthy aging research is now more important than ever

The Irish population is aging. This is also the case in virtually every other country in the world. At the moment in Ireland there are 540,000 people aged 65+ (accounting for 12% of the Irish population). By 2041 this number will increase to 1.4 million (22% of the Irish population[1].


Life expectancy has also increased dramatically over the past 100 years [2]. For example, the average female born in Ireland today can expect to give 29 years longer than the average female born in 1911!

slide2This increase in life expectancy is a great achievement, but as we all know getting older is associated with increased risk of physical disability and other health problems. Therefore, it is now more important than ever that we find ways to preserve health and quality of life during these gained years of life expectancy.

Therefore the aim of healthy aging studies, like the NUTRIMAL project, is to find ways to help keep older adults well, independent and happy as they get older.


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