Why are people on certain medications not eligible for the NUTRIMAL project?

Certain medications may affect the ability of the NUTRIMAL drinks to have beneficial effects on muscle. Other medications may affect muscle mass and strength themselves (meaning we would not know if changes in muscle mass and strength over the 6 months of supplementation with the NUTRIMAL drinks were due to the medication or the drinks). For example:

Anti-inflammatory drugs: These drugs reduce inflammation in the body. It is thought that one of ways fish oil may have a beneficial effect on  muscle in older adults is through their anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if someone is already on anti-inflammatory medications fish oil from the NUTRIMAL drinks may not offer a further benefit (although we don’t know this for sure!).

Hormone replacements or hormone suppressants: Certain hormones can affect our muscle mass and strength. For example, testosterone supplementation has been shown to increase muscle mass and strength in older men. If men or women were on hormone replacements or suppressants during the study we would not know if changes in muscle mass and strength were due to these drugs or the NUTRIMAL drinks.

If you contact us to enquire about participating in the NUTRIMAL project we will ask you what medications (if any) you are on. We will then be able to advise you as to whether you are eligible to participate.